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In addition to our consulting, we also conduct national and regional seminars and workshops focusing on a variety of business management subjects. We aim to provide our distribution and manufacturing clients with critically important information that will help to directly increase their profitability. Our seminars run anywhere from 1.5 to 6 hours depending upon the depth of the coverage desired and the audience. We have provided the outlines for each of our seminars below. Please contact us if you feel that any, or all of our seminars would be helpful to you and/or your staff.

                        1) High Performance Wholesaling
Objective: To assist companies in energizing their senior management team and focusing them on the
proven, high-performance wholesaling activities required to excel in the new millenium.

Pricing-Setting pricing for high profits and the price optimization process
Publish-Printing catalogs for internal and external use
Promoting-Creating exciting promotions that project the right market image
People-Identifying, hiring, promoting and retaining good people
Information-Measures that help to manage the business
E-commerce-Investing in technology that helps your customers and makes you more money

                        2) High Performance Inventory Management

To teach attendees the skills needed to become High Performance Inventory Managers. Train
participants to improve their management of the inventories they administer while significantly
improving the perceived customer service level. Discuss the practical realities of inventory
management, not just the theoretical side of the process.


  • What is high performance inventory management?
  • Defining the measures of high performance inventory management.
  • Inventory terminology.
  • Establishing goals for managing inventory.
  • Techniques of high performance inventory management
                                   3) High Performance Price Management
Objective: To teach participants the practical, profit improving techniques that will make their company
more money and improve (many times simplify) pricing management with the company.
  • Is your pricing under control?
  • The most common problems in pricing.
  • Gross margin not markup is the only way to manage.
  • Controlling the four categories of pricing management.
  • Creating a coherent pricing strategy.
  • Building a manageable pricing structure.
  • Using catalogs as the basis for your own pricing.
  • Promotions that support your pricing strategy.
                                    4) Turnaround Management
Objective: To encourage participants to run their businesses like they were in turnaround mode
everyday. Successful companies sometimes lose their intensity and find themselves in a
real turnaround situation. It's a lot more fun to operate in turnaround mode by choice
than when you are forced to by creditors.
  • What is Turnaround Management?
  • Symptoms of a turnaround situation.
  • You can't expect different results doing the same old things.
  • What causes the need for a turnaround?
  • Swatting the mosquitoes before they suck you dry.
  • Triage in a turnaround:
  • Choosing the turnarround team
  • Monitoring the important performance measures
5) Becoming The Primary Supplier

You will learn how to earn and keep the coveted role of the "Primary Supplier" with a group of high-  quality customers you want to attract and sell. The highest performing and most dominant wholesalers are obsessive in their efforts to become the primary supplier to the best and most profitable customers in the markets they serve.

  • Define the characteristics of a "Primary Supplier.
  • Evaluate your business to determine whether your investments, changes, new products, etc. promote or deny you the opportunity to become a primary supplier in your market.
  • Discuss strategic(pricing and promotion) and practical techniques(customer bonding) that must be done day-in and day-out to effectively promote your business as a primary supplier.
6) High Performance Sales Professionals

To train your sales team in the techniques being used by high performance sales people to improve personal skills and business results.

  • What issues have you encountered with your sales professionals lately?
  • The sales professional's role in becoming the primary supplier within your market.
  • Business 101-defining critically important terms that every sales professional must understand to become a high performance sales professional.
  • Discuss effective strategies for addressing pricing objections in sales situations
  • The Sales Professional-a complete guide to becoming a high performance sales professional(includes discussions of planning,setting priorities,reading people,identifying the buyer and influencers, and much more).
  • Understanding the difference between being a commodity peddler and a business partner
  • How sales professionals can provide useful information to the corporation




If you would like more information about Rich's seminars please contact him at:
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